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First and foremost, I want to give a HUGE shout out, and heartfelt thank you to those who have been supporting this Gamewisp campaign from the start. I have done my best to ensure that the individual rewards you receive for your support are worthwhile. Now, its time to step it up a notch and offer something even MORE worthwhile. Something for the ENTIRE community to enjoy…. Thanks to Twitch's newly implimented upload system we're FINALLY able to do this. In addition to your individual rewards each tier on the right, upon meeting its goal will unlock a community reward in the form of a video uploaded to Twitch every Sunday.

These videos will feature unique content recorded outside the stream (approximately 1-2 hours per video) and edited by our brilliant Video Editor Chunkk so you KNOW the quality will be amazing. I have been wanting to upload content for a while, however the idea of starting over on Youtube has always been an intimidating one. Fortunately I no longer have to worry about that, and can instead continue to focus on Twitch as my primary platform for ALL content creation! It is my hope to fullfill the goals of this campaign so as to provide a full circle of content for you so I thank you in advance for whatever support you provide. 


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Goals and Rewards


Tier 1: Highlight and clip compilation

As thanks for getting us to this point we have a highlight and clip weekly upload for you! This series will go live every Sunday for your enjoyment!


Tier 2: Docs Thoughts

This will be a video featuring my thoughts on the weekly topic. From politics to the latest game we've played on stream I give my no bullshit thoughts on... Just about anything!


Tier 3: From Nub to Scrub

Nothing like getting more training in! In this video series I will play a multitude of pvp games in an effort to get better at each one. Week by week I WILL become a Scrub!


Tier 4: Single player play through

Have you ever wanted to see me in a single player game? Well now you can! Upon reaching this tier I will play through a single player game until completion and then... PLAY ANOTHER ONE!


Tier 5: To be announced

This playlist is top secret and will only be announced one we achieve this goal!